The FUN, Caring, Structured  Westchase After School Program 

That Helps Kids Get Ahead in Life.


Yes, your child will have FUN, make Friends, and laugh (a lot).
But they'll also develop powerful life skills like discipline, focus, confidence, fitness and more.

Ancient Martial Arts meets modern fun for one heck of a powerful program!




This is what our program is all about.

Martial Arts isn't just "punches and kicks." It's lessons on life.

We use martial arts training to help your child GROW.

We teach kids about goal setting and working hard to reach their dreams.

Our partner exercises teach them social skills, team work, and leadership.

And the fitness helps them stay healthy and strong.






                 We Currently Pick Up From The Following Schools:

                        Mary Bryant, Deer Park and Westchase Elementary.




          We Truly Care About Your Child.

One thing parents love about our program is the
level of care we put into it.

We even pick up your children from school, by our staff only, in a well marked vehicle. NEVER by a third party.

Safe and sound until you pick them up from us. Learning in a safe environment full of motivation is what we're all about!





And of course - "Quiet Down Time" lets them finish homework, enjoy reading, or enjoy some arts and crafts.

Quiet time is crucial in martial arts to create a steel-trap memory and laser-like focus later on.

Our center instantly transforms from a fun zone to a quiet study room at a moment's notice.






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Westchase Impact Martial Arts is not a day care facility, and we are not licensed as such by Hillsborough County. Westchase Impact Martial Arts is a professional, full time, martial arts instructional facility which provides martial arts-based programs for children and families. The intent of Westchase Impact Martial Arts is to teach martial arts, and physical and character development building skills. Like other non-daycare facilities Westchase Impact Martial Arts is exempt from child day program licensing, operating under the "come and go" policy as outlined in Hillsborough County's Child Care Facilities Ordinance 14-39.